Professional Links


Science Education

Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakashiri

Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations

Chemical Genealogy find yours!

Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson (Not in Character) time 1:24:41, but if you are short on time, start at 1:10:23


Diversity in Science

Anita Borg Institute’s Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) of Women In Computing Conference” I would KILL to go! Admiral Hopper, the Ada Lovelace of the 20th century. You can see the Mark I and her handwriting in logs at the Harvard Science Center! I’ll get my photo site together. It’s mentioned here in her interview on Letterman

The Sciencegrrl Movement!


Girls Who Code

Girl Develop it

Black Girls Code

5/31/2014 NYT “How to Get Girls Into Coding”


MOOCs (being listed here is not necessarily an endorsement) caveat emptor!

edX is an edX destination to help instructors develop MOOC courses – biased but still the best interface IMHO.  YMMV.




The following I am still checking out. Be a wise consumer when selecting a for-profit “institutions” in MOOC clothing! Don’t go to TrumpX!


mooc-list: MOOCS from all over the world.

MOOC Commentary (YMMV)

MIT cuts ties with Walter Lewin after online harassment probe

The MOOCs first biggest truly shameful occurrence that I know of. This was Mr. Wizard for generations. What a black eye.

How many female students, postdocs, colleagues careers were affected? I know what I witnessed. There needs to be a built-in way to address this in the bud.

If we are adults, we all know that we have to separate science/art from the creators (Don’t trust anyone over 30!) but this was way too far past that line even for me, who has been forced to make peace with that concept for a looooong time. It was the initial alumnus comments that made me ill, basically “so what?” Even when harassment is 100% documented in writing women STILL don’t get support. So now what?

Mooc on Moocs one take on how to design a MOOC well

moocmooc is often highly critical of the MOOC movement


Mindfulness and Leadership

Science History

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive Warning: you will lose hours of your life down this rabbit hole of awesomeness – -tons and tons of quantum physics! GREAT historical pics!




Everyday Spacer


Coding and Computer Philosophy


2600: The Hacker Quarterly

World Wide Web Consortium


The Unix Philosophy: A Brief Introduction

Why the Unix philosophy still matters by markus schnalke(pdf)

The GNU Project

Drupal User Community


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